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Antonyms Online Quiz in english - 2020 List

Antonyms Online Quiz in english - 2020 List - Below are the top questions with MCQ we provided here for Antonyms Online Quiz in english . You can select your choice and check the answer by hitting the Show Answer button which will show you the Antonyms Online Quiz in english - 2020 List respective result. After succesfully completing the quiz you can go forward to Antonyms Online Quiz in english - 2020 List Online Mock Test for better practice!

Antonyms Online Quiz in english | Antonyms Online Quiz in english - 2020 List Mock Test

Q1. What is the Antonym of-IN TOTO

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Ans: [2] Partially
Explanation: IN TOTO means 'completely or totally'.

Q2. What is the Antonym of-GARRULOUS

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Ans: [4] Taciturn
Explanation: GARRULOUS means 'excessively talkative'. TACITURN means 'reserved'.

Q3. What is the Antonym of-OSTRACISE

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Ans: [1] Welcome
Explanation: OSTRACISE means 'exclude from a group or society'. WELCOME means 'getting someone'.

Q4. What is the Antonym of-JEST

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Ans: [3] Grim
Explanation: JEST means 'a joke or humour'. GRIM means 'unpleasant or shocking'.

Q5. What is the Antonym of-MALADROIT

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Ans: [2] Skilful
Explanation: MALADROIT means 'clumsy or awkward'. SKILFUL means 'having or showing skill'.

Q6. What is the Antonym of-CAMARADERIE

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Ans: [4] Animosity
Explanation: CAMARADERIE means 'mutual trust and friendship'. ANIMOSITY means 'strong hostility'.

Q7. What is the Antonym of-SPURIOUS

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Ans: [2] Authentic
Explanation: SPURIOUS means 'fraudulent or fake'. AUTHENTIC means 'genuine'

Q8. What is the Antonym of-EPHEMERAL

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Ans: [1] Eternal
Explanation: EPHEMERAL means 'lasting for a very short time' ETERNAL means 'lasting or existing forever'.

Q9. What is the Antonym of-FLEETING

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Ans: [2] Perpetual
Explanation: FLEETING means 'lasting for a very short time'. PERPETUAL means 'never ending'.

Q10. What is the Antonym of-ESTEEM

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Ans: [3] Contempt
Explanation: ESTEEM means 'respect and admiration'. CONTEMPT means 'hate or disrespect'.

Q11. What is the Antonym of-ECONOMICAL

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Ans: [2] Expensive
Explanation: ECONOMICAL means 'careful, cheap, efficient, fair, frugal, fair, Sparing, prudent etc'.

Q12. What is the Antonym of-EMINENT

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Ans: [3] Scholarly
Explanation: EMINENT means 'celebrated, conscpicuous, elevated, pre-eminent, high b ranking, exa-lated etc'.

Q13. What is the Antonym of-FLAMBOYANT

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Ans: [1] Quiet
Explanation: FLAMBOYANT means 'brilliant, exciting, florid, colourful etc'.

Q14. What is the Antonym of-SEGREGATE

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Ans: [3] Unite
Explanation: SEGREGATE means 'cut off, discriminate, against, isolate etc'.

Q15. What is the Antonym of-VALIDATE

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Ans: [1] Disprove
Explanation: VALIDATE means "used in different senses like- attest, authenticate, authorise etc'.

Q16. What is the Antonym of-GROUP

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Ans: [2] Individual
Explanation: GROUP means 'a number of people or things together'. INDIVIDUAL means ' a person considered separately rather than as part of group'.

Q17. What is the Antonym of-DISSENT

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Ans: [4] Agreement
Explanation: DISSENT means 'expressing different opinion from those that are officially accepted'.

Q18. What is the Antonym of-REJOICE

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Ans: [1] Lament
Explanation: REJOICE means 'to be glad'. LAMENT means 'to regret for'.

Q19. What is the Anronym of-MUTILATE

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Ans: [4] Mend
Explanation: MUTILATE means 'if a person or animal is mutilated, there body is severely damaged, usually by someone who had attacked'. MEND means 'to set right'

Q20. What is the Antonym of-RELUCTANTLY

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Ans: [2] Willingly
Explanation: RELUCTANTLY means 'unwillingly, or to hesitate before doing'.

Q21. What is the Antonym of-MYTH

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Ans: [2] Fact
Explanation: MYTH means 'a well known story which was made up in the past to explain natural events or social customs'. FACT means 'evident truth'.

Q22. What is the Antonym of-CONCILIATION

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Ans: [4] Confrontation
Explanation: CONCILIATION means 'willingness to end a disagreement '. CONFRONTATION means 'fight between two people or groups'.

Q23. What is the Antonym of-AMPLE

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Ans: [1] Meagre
Explanation: AMPLE means 'enough or more than enough'. MEAGRE means 'small and poor in quality'.

Q24. What is the Antonym of-LATENT

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Ans: [4] Evident
Explanation: LATENT means 'existing but not yet very noticeable'. EVIDENT means 'clear to the sight or understanding'.

Q25. What is the Antonym of-CAMOUFLAGE

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Ans: [3] Reveal
Explanation: CAMOUFLAGE means 'to hide something/somebody by making them or it look like the things around'. REVEAL means 'to make something known to somebody; disclose'.

Q26. What is the Antonym of-DORMANT

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Ans: [1] Active
Explanation: DORMANT means 'not active or growing now ; inactive'

Q27. What is the Antonym of-SALIENT

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Ans: [4] Insignificant
Explanation: SALIENT means 'prominent or conspicuous:'. INSIGNIFICANT means 'unimportant, petty'.

Q28. What is the Antonym of-ACQUIT

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Ans: [1] Convict
Explanation: ACQUIT means 'free from a criminal charge'. CONVICT means 'guilty for an offence'.

Q29. What is the Antonym of-HUMANITY

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Ans: [3] Brutality
Explanation: HUMANITY means 'the quality of being kindness; benevolence'. BRUTALITY means ' the quality of being cruel'.

Q30. What is the Antonym of-CANDID

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Ans: [2] Dishonest
Explanation: CANDID means 'truthful and straight forward'.

Q31. What is the Antonym of-DILIGENT

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Ans: [1] Lazy
Explanation: DILIGENT means 'showing care and effort in your work or duties'.

Q32. What is the Antonym of-STEADFAST

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Ans: [2] Wavering
Explanation: STEADFAST means ' not changing in your attitude'. WAVERING means 'becoming weaker'.

Q33. What is the Antonym of-ILLICIT

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Ans: [4] Lawful
Explanation: ILLICIT means ' illegal, improper'.

Q34. What is the Antonym of-CALLOUS

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Ans: [2] Kind
Explanation: CALLOUS means ' cruel, unfeeling'.

Q35. What is the Antonym of-ENIGMATIC

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Ans: [2] Simple
Explanation: ENIGMATIC means ' mysterious and difficult to understand'.

Q36. What is the Antonym of-GIGANTIC

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Ans: [1] Tiny
Explanation: GIGANTIC means ' extremely large'.

Q37. What is the Antonym of-ATHEIST

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Ans: [4] Believer
Explanation: ATHEIST means ' a person who believes that God exist'. BELIEVER means ' a person who believes in existence of god'.

Q38. What is the Antonym of-MISERABLE

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Ans: [3] Happy
Explanation: MISERABLE means ' very unhappy or uncomfortable'.

Q39. What is the Antonym of-HUMANE

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Ans: [1] Unkind
Explanation: HUMANE means ' showing kindness towards animals and peoples'.

Q40. What is the Antonym of-FRAGUALITY

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Ans: [2] Prodigality
Explanation: FRAGUALITY means ' using as much money as is necessary'. PRODIGALTY means ' too willing to spend money'.

Q41. What is the Antonym of-ESCALATE

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Ans: [3] Decrease
Explanation: ESCALATE means 'increase rapidly'.

Q42. What is the Antonym of-HAZY

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Ans: [1] Clear
Explanation: HAZY means 'vague or opaque'.

Q43. What is the Antonym of-THRIFTY

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Ans: [1] Wasteful
Explanation: THRIFTY means 'prosperous or successful'.

Q44. What is the Antonym of-ZEAL

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Ans: [4] Apathy
Explanation: ZEAL means 'great energy or enthusiasm'. APATHY means 'lack of interest'.

Q45. What is the Antonym of-RECKLESS

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Ans: [2] Careful
Explanation: RECKLESS means 'careless'.

Q46. What is the Antonym of-MELODIOUS

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Ans: [1] Tuneless
Explanation: MELODIOUS means 'tunefully'.

Q47. What is the Antonym of-SCORN

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Ans: [2] Admiration
Explanation: SCORN means 'contempt,hatred'. ADMIRATION means 'a feeling of wonder or pleasure'.

Q48. What is the Antonym of-TRIVAL

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Ans: [3] Serious
Explanation: TRIVAL means 'of little value'.

Q49. What is the Antonym of-TERMINATE

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Ans: [1] Begin
Explanation: TERMINATE means 'bring to an end'.

Q50. What is the Antonym of-GENIAL

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Ans: [2] Unkind
Explanation: GENIAL means 'friendly and kind'.

Q51. What is the Antonym of-CONFISCATE

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Ans: [2] Release
Explanation: CONFISCATE means 'to take' or 'sieze'. RELEASE means 'to set free'.

Q52. What is the Antonym of-FRUGAL

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Ans: [1] Extravagant
Explanation: FRUGAL means 'Economical with regard to money'. EXTRAVAGANT means 'spending too much'

Q53. What is the Antonym of-PAUCITY

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Ans: [4] Plenty
Explanation: PAUCITY means 'Scarcity'. PLENTY means 'To much;Excess'

Q54. What is the Antonym of-LURID

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Ans: [3] Mild
Explanation: LURID means 'very vivid in colour'. MILD means 'not much'

Q55. What is the Antonym of-HUMILITY

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Ans: [1] Pride
Explanation: HUMILITY means 'modest humbleness'. PRIDE means 'respect for yourself'.

Q56. What is the Antonym of-BLEAK

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Ans: [3] Bright
Explanation: BLEAK means 'without colour'. BRIGHT means 'having a lot of light'.

Q57. What is the Antonym of-VAGUE

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Ans: [1] Clear
Explanation: VAGUE means 'of Indefinite meaning'. CLEAR means clean and uncluttered,

Q58. What is the Antonym of-EXTOL

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Ans: [4] Censure
Explanation: EXTOL means 'To praise'. CENSURE means 'To express severe disapproval'.

Q59. What is the Antonym of-DEMOLISH

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Ans: [1] Build
Explanation: DEMOLISH means 'To pull' or 'Knock down'. BUILD means 'to develop' or 'to make'.

Q60. What is the Antonym of-FASTIDIOUS

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Ans: [2] Adjustable
Explanation: FASITIDIOUS means 'Hard to please'. ADJUST means 'to get used to new conditions or a new situation'.
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