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Synonmys Quiz | Synonmys Online Mock Test

Synonmys Quiz Questions & Answers - Below are the top questions with MCQ we provided here for Synonyms Quiz. You can select your choice and check the answer by hitting the Show Answer button which will show you the Synonmys Quiz Questions & Answers respective result. After succesfully completing the quiz you can go forward to Synonmys Quiz Questions & Answers Online Mock Test for better practice!

Synonyms Quiz | Synonmys Quiz Questions & Answers Mock Test

Q1. What is the Synonym of-BATTERED

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Ans: [1] Destroyed
Explanation: BATTERED means destroyed by repeated blows'. DESTROY means 'end the existing of something/someone'.

Q2. What is the Synonym of-NEBULOUS

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Ans: [3] Vague
Explanation: NEBULOUS means 'not clear'. VAGUE means 'unclear character or meaning'.

Q3. What is the Synonym of-SOLECISM

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Ans: [4] Grammatical error
Explanation: SOLECISM means 'a grammatical mistake in speech or writing'

Q4. What is the Synonym of-RELISH

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Ans: [3] Enjoy
Explanation: RELISH means 'to enjoy'.

Q5. What is the Synonym of-VAGARY

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Ans: [4] Impulse
Explanation: VAGARY means 'an unexpected and inexplicable change in behaviour'.

Q6. What is the Synonym of-TANGENTIAL

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Ans: [3] Relevance
Explanation: TANGENTIAL means 'having a slight or indirect connection'. RELEVANCE means 'the state of being closely connected'.

Q7. What is the Synonym of-BLAZE

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Ans: [3] Fire
Explanation: BLAZE means 'a very large burning fire'.

Q8. What is the Synonym of-COAX

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Ans: [4] Persuade
Explanation: COAX means 'persuade (someone) by flattery. PERSUADE means 'induce (someone) to do something by arguement.

Q9. What is the Synonym of-KNAVE

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Ans: [4] Scoundrel
Explanation: KNAVE means 'a dishonest or unscrupulous man'. SCOUNDREL means 'a dishonest man or a rogue'.

Q10. What is the Synonym of-RECTIFY

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Ans: [1] Correct
Explanation: RECTIFY means 'put (something) right; correct'.

Q11. What is the Synonym of-PERILOUS

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Ans: [4] Dangerous
Explanation: PERILOUS means 'very dangerous'.

Q12. What is the Synonym of-SUPERSEDE

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Ans: [3] Repeal
Explanation: SUPERSEDE means 'to take the place of something; obsolete'. REPEAL means 'withdraw formally or officially'.

Q13. What is the Synonym of-PROLIFERATE

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Ans: [4] Reproduce
Explanation: PROLIFERATE means 'increase in number quickly'. REPRODUCE 'to increase in number by natural process'.

Q14. What is the Synonym of-PARADOX

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Ans: [3] Puzzle
Explanation: PARADOX means 'a statement in which either a part can be true'.

Q15. What is the Synonym of-IMMENSE

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Ans: [4] Enormous
Explanation: IMMENSE means 'something that is large in size or amount'. ENORMOUS means 'extremely large in size or amount'.

Q16. What is the Synonym of-INCEPTION

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Ans: [4] Origin
Explanation: INCEPTION means 'beginning; start; commencement'. ORIGIN means 'rise or derivation from a particular source'.

Q17. What is the Synonym of-SPLENDOUR

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Ans: [1] Magnificience
Explanation: SPLENDOUR means ' the quality in something, for example in a building or in scenery which makes it seem impressive and often elegant'. MAGNIFICIENCE means ' you mean that you think they are extremely good, beautiful or impressive'.

Q18. What is the Synonym of- HORRENDOUS

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Ans: [4] Greatly Unpleasant
Explanation: HORRENDOUS means 'extremely unpleasant'.

Q19. What is the Synonym of-LOUSY

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Ans: [3] Awful
Explanation: LOUSY means 'very bad'. AWFUL means 'unpleasant'.

Q20. What is the Synonym of-DILIGENT

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Ans: [1] Industrious
Explanation: DELIGENT means 'hard working'. INDUSTRIOUS means 'working with full energy'.

Q21. What is the Synonym of-INFURIATE

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Ans: [2] Enrage
Explanation: INFURIATE means 'to make angry'. ENRAGE means 'to make extremely angry'.

Q22. What is the Synonym of-LURID

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Ans: [1] Shocking
Explanation: LURID means 'dark and shocking'.

Q23. What is the Synonym of-EXHORT

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Ans: [2] Urge
Explanation: EXHORT means 'strongly encourage or urge' URGE means 'to push or force along'.

Q24. What is the Synonym of-REPARTEE

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Ans: [4] Quick witty reply
Explanation: REPARTEE means 'quick, witty reply'.

Q25. What is the Synonym of-POACH

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Ans: [2] Hunt
Explanation: POACH means 'illegaly hunt'.

Q26. What is the Synonym of-FOREBODE

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Ans: [4] Foretell
Explanation: FOREBODE means 'act as a warning of'.

Q27. What is the Synonym of-SURREPTITOUSLY

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Ans: [4] Secretly
Explanation: SURREPTITOUSLY means 'secretly, stealthily'.

Q28. What is the Synonym of-ACQUAINT

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Ans: [1] Introduce
Explanation: ACQUAINT means 'make someone aware of or familiar with'.

Q29. What is the Synonym of-METICULOUS

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Ans: [1] Painstaking
Explanation: METICULOUS means 'very careful and precise'. PAINSTAKING means 'employing great care'.

Q30. What is the Synonym of-TREMENDOUS

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Ans: [3] Excessive
Explanation: TREMENDOUS means 'very large, great'.

Q31. What is the Synonym of-"RESTRICT".

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Ans: [4] Prohibit
Explanation: RESTRICT means 'put a limit on'.

Q32. What is the Synonym of-"QUASH".

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Ans: [2] Reject
Explanation: QUASH means 'reject or cancel'.

Q33. What is the Synonym of-PITY

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Ans: [2] Mercy
Explanation: PITY means 'the feeling of sorry and compassion'.

Q34. What is the Synonym of-MOTIVE

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Ans: [2] Intention
Explanation: MOTIVE means 'Intention, purpose'.

Q35. What is the Synonym of-FRUGAL

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Ans: [2] Economical
Explanation: FRUGAL means 'sparing or economical'.

Q36. What is the Synonym of-CONSIDERATE

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Ans: [4] Thoughtful
Explanation: CONSIDERATE means 'thoughtful'.

Q37. What is the Synonym of-DOCILE

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Ans: [1] Submissive
Explanation: DOCILE means 'submissive'.

Q38. What is the Synonym of-DENY

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Ans: [2] Refuse
Explanation: DENY means 'to refuse'.

Q39. What is the Synonym of-NURTURE

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Ans: [4] To grow
Explanation: NURTURE means 'bring up, look after'.

Q40. What is the Synonym of- COMMOTION

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Ans: [3] Disturbance
Explanation: COMMOTION means ''confused and noisy disturbance'.

Q41. What is the Synomym of-IMPOST

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Ans: [1] Tax
Explanation: IMPOST means 'a tax of payment'.

Q42. What is the Synonym of-FOREGO

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Ans: [3] Renounce
Explanation: FOREGO means 'dispense with or give up'. RENOUNCE means "to give up by formal declaration'.

Q43. What is the Synonym of-ROUT

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Ans: [4] Defeat
Explanation: ROUT means 'to defeat badly'.

Q44. What is the Synonym of-IMPETUS

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Ans: [1] Driving force
Explanation: IMPETUS means 'force or energy'.

Q45. What is the Synonym of-FOREBODE

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Ans: [1] Foretell
Explanation: FOREBODE means 'acting as a warning of'. FORETELL means 'to tell of beforehand'.

Q46. What is the Synonym of-TEDIOUS

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Ans: [2] Dull
Explanation: TEDIOUS means 'lacking interest or excitement'. DULL means 'not sharp or blunt'.

Q47. What is the Synonym of-MENIAL

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Ans: [4] Lowly
Explanation: MENIAL means ' not requiring much skill and lacking prestige'.

Q48. What is the Synonym of-SUNDRY

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Ans: [3] Various
Explanation: SUNDRY means 'of various kinds,variable'.

Q49. What is the Synonym of-FELICITY

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Ans: [2] Bliss
Explanation: FELICITY means 'perfect happiness;great joy'. BLISS means 'supreme happiness'.

Q50. What is the Synonym of-IMPEDIMENT

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Ans: [1] Obstruction
Explanation: IMPEDIMENT means 'a hindrance or obstruction'.

Q51. What is the Synonym of-AVERT

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Ans: [2] Avoid
Explanation: AVERT means 'turn away or avoid'.

Q52. What is the Synonym of-VACILLATE

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Ans: [1] Waver
Explanation: VACILLATE means 'to waver in mind or opinion'.

Q53. What is the Synonym of-PROGNOSIS

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Ans: [3] Forecast
Explanation: PROGNOSIS means 'the likely coarse of a disease or ailment'. FORECAST means 'to predict'.

Q54. What is the Synonym of-IMPECCABLE

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Ans: [4] Perfect
Explanation: IMPECCABLE means 'faultless,perfect'.

Q55. What is the Synonym of-ADVERSE

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Ans: [2] Negative
Explanation: ADVERSE means 'Unfavourable'.

Q56. What is the Synonym of-IRREVOCABLE

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Ans: [2] Unalterable
Explanation: To not able to change.

Q57. What is the Synonym of-ANTICIPATE

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Ans: [4] Expect
Explanation: To expect or predict.

Q58. What is the Synonym of-ABUSE

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Ans: [2] Scorn
Explanation: Speak in an insulating and offensive way.

Q59. What is The Synonym of -ADORN

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Ans: [3] Beautify
Explanation: To make more beautiful or attractive.

Q60. What is the Synonms of - PERNICIOUS

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Ans: [1] Deadly
Explanation: Pernicious (Latin per, through, and neco, kill) signifies having the power of destroying or injuring, tending to hurt or kill
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